Why I Am AC Lordi: Katie Smart

When I graduated from the University of Scranton four years ago, I entered a world full of potential. I had the freedom to pursue my goals and explore my passions – I could become whatever I envisioned. But with freedom to explore comes the difficulty of forging a new path forward. I knew that I was headed towards a career in the financial field, and I knew that I didn’t want to end up as another cog going in circles in a giant corporate machine. I wanted to challenge myself and solve problems; to be invested in the results I produced and make an impact I could actually see.

Why AC Lordi?

I first heard about AC Lordi from a family friend and client of the firm. She suggested that AC Lordi, as a company with the customer focus of a small business but the resources of a large organization, might be the perfect fit. It was somewhere that my drive for results could make a tangible difference for clients and where I could work not just under the leadership team, but alongside them. Less than three months after graduating, I had found a job that promised everything I wanted – and then some.

A Different Kind of Family

The first thing I learned about AC Lordi was that no two days were going to be the same. No hint existed of the assembly line culture that had pushed me away from the major consulting firms. Within my first few months at AC Lordi, I was getting hands-on experience in corporate accounting and internal audit. I saw firsthand the difference that an effective consulting team can make to a client and knew that this was the work that I wanted to dedicate my time and skills toward. I learned how to build productive relationships with clients, how to work as an effective team member, and how to take the skills I had developed and apply them to new and challenging situations.

As I quickly adjusted to life as part of the AC Lordi team, I was also busy preparing for the next hurdle on my career path – the CPA exam. Hours upon hours of studying and practice exams loomed on the horizon, promising to consume any time and energy that wasn’t already dedicated to my work. As it turned out, there was no reason to worry. From peers to leadership, I found that I had support. For any questions that came up, there were people I could go to. I had financial help for study materials and a flexible schedule that allowed me to put in the hours I needed. In the end, hard work and the support of my team made it possible to pass the CPA exam on my first try. AC Lordi proved that calling a company a family can be more than just a management strategy, it can really happen.

Onward and Upward

I’ve now been at AC Lordi for over four years. Throughout that time I’ve never stopped learning, improving, and working to contribute to the unique culture that I’ve found here. When I left college, I would never have imagined myself leading projects or going out to meet new clients. Fortunately, I found a company that values people who are driven by results; an organization that celebrates personal achievement and encourages its team to be the best they can be. In short, AC Lordi gave me the opportunity to discover a new me.

That’s why I am AC Lordi.


Katie Smart is a senior staff professional in AC Lordi’s Accounting Services practice. As an accounting and finance consultant, she has prepared  journal entries, maintained the general ledger, and performed Sarbanes-Oxley testing for a publicly-traded telecommunications technology provider, a global life science organization, and a worldwide information technology services and solutions company. Katie can be reached at ksmart@aclordi.com or 610-738-0100.

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