Finance Transformation / Change Management

Often times finance and accounting organizations are more the result of evolution than engineering.  The same can be said of many financial processes. While things look to be working, how do you really know what’s going on behind the curtain? And if what’s behind the curtain creates the need to implement process change it can be extremely challenging and highly risky in today’s integrated business systems.

Changes to business processes and transactions often have unintended consequences on financials, and conversely changes to financials often have an impact on business processes. In addition, if you’re public, you’ll be expected to demonstrate a formal change management for any changes that impact financial results. Change management now needs to include scoping with approvals, a design, evidence of testing, defined processes and sign-off prior to implementing. Most organizations lack the resources and expertise to accomplish this in-house.

AC Lordi can answer those needs. Given our team’s broad and deep hands-on practical knowledge about business and financial processes, we can be the ‘legs’ to help ascertain what is really going on and define next steps with our finance and accounting processes documentation and diagnostics. Our “Finance Organization Scorecard” is key step in assessing finance and accounting organizations along several standard dimensions including; people, processes, systems, and information.

We understand making a significant change to a core business process requires getting it right the first time.  We can provide business process assessments, better practice overlays, diagnostics, opportunity identification, solution scoping and design, development and testing support and project management.

Some of the many ways we can help you include:

  • Finance organization and operational assessments
  • Business process change management, process design, process optimization
  • Shared services – design, build, outsourcing
  • Acquisition, divestiture, merger, IPO – significant company change
  • Remediation efforts – audit findings, optimization
  • System or processes changes
  • Financial process integration/improvement
  • Close-cycle time reduction
  • Quality improvement initiatives

AC Lordi’s Finance Transformation & Change Management executive team has 30+ years of experience working within Finance and IT organizations for companies ranging from $35M to $35B. The team has vast real-world experience in roles we consult on. We focus on delivering a breadth of services and presenting realistic goals and plans while providing one of the best value propositions in the marketplace.

Meet Our Experts

Jim Clayton, MBA

Principal, Business Advisory

Jim is a strategic planner and progressive operations improvement strategist with more than 20 years of combined experience impacting the visibility and performance of companies through expert orchestration of resources, operations, process improvement, policies, and protocols. Prior to joining AC Lordi, he was a Senior Director for a $33 billion global health insurance firm where he directed multi-location project staff in execution of a $100+ million financial process and systems project. He also served as Global Project Controller for a $3 billion professional services firm. Jim earned an M.B.A. from Saint Joseph’s University and a B.S.B.A. in Finance and Information Systems from the University of Delaware.

Phone: 610-455-2077

Frank Hoban

Director, Business Advisory

Frank is a Director of Business Advisory with 20+ years of experience as a financial and IT process and project consulting professional including 15 years of Fortune 200 multinational line and project management, and 6 years of professional services consulting. He has managed SAP Business One ERP software implementations for 20 clients of up to 200 users including CPG International, Universal Display, and SAP Government Support Services. He also has served as Controller for $55M plastic sheet subsidiary, and CFO and Tax Matters Partner for various startups. Frank holds a BA in computer science and financial economics from Temple University.

Phone: 610-738-0100 x124