Business Analytics & Reporting

One of the major challenges facing businesses today is making sense of the avalanche of data generated by systems both inside and outside of organizations. Often times disparate sources of data combined with limited internal resources, experience and time to coordinate the data across the enterprise can present major issues. Even when necessary data is available, understanding how to prepare it for presentation in maximizing strategic decisions can be extremely difficult. In addition, selecting the appropriate software, tools and vendors to support business analytics and reporting can be an equally daunting task for financial and IT executives.

Whether its collecting and reporting the data in a timely and accurate manner according to pre-defined measures and dimensions, pulling data ad hoc in support of a business initiative or transaction, or trying to uncover hidden relationships that may allow for better forecasting and predictions, more and more enterprise data management and reporting needs are finding their way into the financial executive’s inbox.

At AC Lordi, we support our clients with deep technical and tactical expertise and experience, flexibility and exceptional value. Our team has business intelligence knowledge in both ERP-based and standalone data warehousing and reporting systems, experience managing teams responsible for delivery across all process areas, and the ability to talk about data, reporting, and analytics at the strategy level. Too many of our competitors don’t listen to their clients. They come in, hammer a round peg in a square hole and leave. At AC Lordi, we listen. We start by understanding what is truly needed to answer your questions, solve your problems and exceed your expectations and goals.

At AC Lordi, our team brings practical and pragmatic approaches, methods and experience to your Business Analytics and Reporting needs. We can help you:

  • Design effective internal and external reporting packages and processes
  • Define metrics, measures, and their sources for monitoring business and related financial processes
  • Design and deploy a data warehouse or data-marts for systematically collecting and reporting business measures and metrics
  • Apply data visualization and self-service business intelligence techniques to capitalize on specific business opportunities using tools such as Qlik, Tableau, SAS Visual Analytics, or enhancing your existing visualization tools.
  • Get the unrealized value out of a stalled existing Business Analytics initiative
  • Build better forecasts through the application of Predictive Analytics and Data Mining techniques

Our Business Analytics and Reporting leadership team has 30+ years of data, business intelligence, and analytics project implementation and support experience from large ERP implementations to the generation of small database solutions. We know how to get things done by relating the process, data, and reporting activities to the relevant tasks within the business process to drive success through optimizing requirements and design from both sides of the fence.

Meet Our Experts

Jim Clayton, MBA

Principal, Business Advisory

Jim is a strategic planner and progressive operations improvement strategist with more than 20 years of combined experience impacting the visibility and performance of companies through expert orchestration of resources, operations, process improvement, policies, and protocols. Prior to joining AC Lordi, he was a Senior Director for a $33 billion global health insurance firm where he directed multi-location project staff in execution of a $100+ million financial process and systems project. He also served as Global Project Controller for a $3 billion professional services firm. Jim earned an M.B.A. from Saint Joseph’s University and a B.S.B.A. in Finance and Information Systems from the University of Delaware.

Phone: 610-455-2077

Frank Hoban

Director, Business Advisory

Frank is a Director of Business Advisory with 20+ years of experience as a financial and IT process and project consulting professional including 15 years of Fortune 200 multinational line and project management, and 6 years of professional services consulting. He has managed SAP Business One ERP software implementations for 20 clients of up to 200 users including CPG International, Universal Display, and SAP Government Support Services. He also has served as Controller for $55M plastic sheet subsidiary, and CFO and Tax Matters Partner for various startups. Frank holds a BA in computer science and financial economics from Temple University.

Phone: 610-738-0100 x124