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The financial structure of most chemical companies is complex due to constant changes and interpretations in local, federal and international laws, accounting practices, compliance requirements and the need to be agile in finding customer solutions. This has made it increasingly more difficult to maximize the financial and accounting practices necessary to ensure a strong competitive advantage.

At AC Lordi, our team of chemical firm experts understands the possibilities and pitfalls that face chemical companies in this constantly changing environment. We are prepared to help clients face the quantum changes in the industry.


Financial Services

Financial service firms are facing complex business issues and an increasingly competitive environment. Companies face a broad spectrum of relevant and significant issues including regulations, compliance, growth, innovation, talent and the ability to adapt to these challenges.

AC Lordi works with our financial services clients to ensure they stay informed and have the answers to successfully navigate through their issues. Our specialized financial services team focuses on your needs and helps you achieve your objectives.


Hospitality & Retail




Life Science & Healthcare

Life science and healthcare companies are now more than ever focused on regulatory requirements for quality management, serialization and traceability as well as the need for compliance across all markets and geographies.

As our clients look to reduce costs, develop collaborative business models, improve time to market and deal with competition from emerging markets AC Lordi is there with the expertise and experience necessary to answer the needs of our clients.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturers and logistics based companies require more than just competence from a financial and accounting partner. The highly competitive environment, constantly changing resources and technological advancements demand extensive expertise, broad industry knowledge and a value add mentality that leads to continual improvements from a financial services and accounting partner.

The AC Lordi Manufacturing and Distribution team understands that experience is the key ingredient in maximizing the profitability of your operation. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the industry that allows us to add value to our clients far beyond just crunching numbers.


Private Equity / Investment Management

From local to global, the investment environment is highly competitive, demanding a management consulting partner that provides more than technical proficiency. Portfolio teams need a firm that understands the pace and nuances associated with private equity. They need an experienced partner that can quickly assess problems and help make decisions.

At AC Lordi, our private equity team has the right mix of functional experience and nimble decision making that our clients require. We work along side deal teams and portfolio company management to ensure problems are solved and everyone’s objectives are met.


Software and Technology

Today’s technology and software companies are in a highly competitive global market. Companies are looking for a competitive edge, quicker time to market, capital infusions, joint ventures and viable sales options all while dealing with regulations, compliance, negotiations, operational improvements, maximizing value and much more.

At AC Lordi our technologies and software team has a deep understanding of issues that face technology and software clients, from start-ups to global operations. The environment changes rapidly and AC Lordi makes it a point to be knowledgeable about the multitude and diversity of areas that impact our clients from internal controls and procedures to capital markets.


Utilities & Energy

Utilities have become a highly regulated industry and the success of a company is in large part dependent on a highly developed matrix of issues that include balancing regulatory issues with development and continual growth of the business. It is a complex formula of derivatives, assets, contracts, joint operations, credits, incentives, offerings and much more.

At AC Lordi our energy/utilities team has in-depth experience with financial and accounting issues that face the industry and we work with our clients to help develop and maximize each facet of that matrix. We have the knowledge to help our clients review and take next steps to ensure compliance is fully integrated into a package designed for success.


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