Work Sabbatical: Lessons Learned from a Month Away

Have you ever felt like you’re running on empty? While you probably need a vacation, a few days away from your desk may not be enough rest to regain control over your professional life. Overworked employees lead to huge problems in the workplace. In fact, 95% of HR leaders say that employee burnout is detrimental to retention. This scenario is a primary reason more and more companies are beginning to offer a long-term sabbatical to their employees. Read More “Work Sabbatical: Lessons Learned from a Month Away” >

Why I Am AC Lordi: Katie Smart

When I graduated from the University of Scranton four years ago, I entered a world full of potential. I had the freedom to pursue my goals and explore my passions – I could become whatever I envisioned. But with freedom to explore comes the difficulty of forging a new path forward. I knew that I was headed towards a career in the financial field, and I knew that I didn’t want to end up as another cog going in circles in a giant corporate machine. I wanted to challenge myself and solve problems; to be invested in the results I produced and make an impact I could actually see. Read More “Why I Am AC Lordi: Katie Smart” >

Why I Am AC Lordi: Steve Lynch

At age 56 I was ready to move on with my life—away from the corporate grind that had consumed me for the prior 35 years. I had been successful—a partner at a professional services firm, a North American Finance manager at a consumer products firm, running a global benefits call center. My children were grown and out of college. My wife and I began to think about all the things on our bucket list that we’d soon take on. My life was mine to do as I pleased. Work was something in the rear-view mirror.
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6 Qualities of Great Leaders

I regularly read content on leadership as I am constantly looking for ways to improve my own skills as a leader. I have a number of people I look to as role models on leadership whose ideas I have integrated into my own philosophy over the years. Here are six qualities I believe are essential to being a great leader along with links to articles for further reading on the topics. These are what I am striving to achieve as a leader each day.

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5 Ways to Become a Better Networker

Networking is the lifeblood of your business and your career. No matter what level you are at, the value of a well-developed and maintained network is priceless. However, most of us don’t engage in enough regular networking. Instead, we wait until we need something and then frantically search for ways to connect with those who can help us. But the best time to invest in building your network is when things are going well. That way when you really need the power of your network, it will be ready and waiting.

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Veteran’s Viewpoint: Using “Commander’s Intent” to Fulfill Your Company’s Mission

With the recent milestones of my one year anniversary with AC Lordi and my 10-year anniversary of the first time I set foot on the Yellow Footprints that signified the start of my service with the Marine Corps, I can’t help but reflect on some similarities between my two career paths. In particular, how using the military idea of “commander’s intent” can allow us to take ownership while still ensuring we fulfill our specified mission.

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7 Ways for CPAs to Get the Most Out of Continuing Professional Education Training

In order to maintain a CPA license, most state boards require accountants to take a specified number of hours of continuing professional education (CPE) training each year. More often than not though, we hear CPAs acknowledge that they are dissatisfied with their continuing professional education training or that they feel they are just going through the motions to get what they need to maintain their license. As training expenses continue to escalate in the form of out-of-pocket dollars and opportunity costs, it’s important that CPAs take full advantage of their CPE. Here are seven ways for CPAs to get the most out of continuing professional education training sessions:

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