Don’t Forget the Human Side of Financial Systems Implementations

Three things always seem to be under construction – roads, hospitals, and airports. This is because there are certain functions and processes that by nature must always be evolving in order to meet current or future needs. Financial systems could easily be added to this list. Unfortunately, financial systems implementations can frequently fail to live up to expectations because one key component is often overlooked: the human element. Read More “Don’t Forget the Human Side of Financial Systems Implementations” >

Why I Am AC Lordi: Steve Lynch

At age 56 I was ready to move on with my life—away from the corporate grind that had consumed me for the prior 35 years. I had been successful—a partner at a professional services firm, a North American Finance manager at a consumer products firm, running a global benefits call center. My children were grown and out of college. My wife and I began to think about all the things on our bucket list that we’d soon take on. My life was mine to do as I pleased. Work was something in the rear-view mirror.
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