Why Sell-Side Due Diligence Is a Smart Move

For many, selling your company will be the most significant transaction you are a part of in your business career. But it’s a complex process that can be fraught with considerable challenges along the way. Today’s business environment brings even more intense scrutiny from potential buyers, and issues that were once considered minor could now delay a deal or even wreck it altogether. In order to maximize value for their business, more sellers are investing in sell-side due diligence before beginning the actual sales process.

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7 Ways Successful CFOs Avoid Stinking

Being a successful CFO in today’s business environment requires a continuous routine of evaluation and action followed by re-evaluation, adjustments and more action. This continuous routine is one of the most important keys to being successful. I like to compare it to bathing – You need to do it on a regular basis or you’re going to stink. Let’s take a look at seven things successful CFOs do to help them come out smelling like roses.

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