Co-sourcing is not an oft used word in our industry, however it is at the heart of how we become part of a client’s team, a trusted partner.  At AC Lordi we welcome the opportunity to work right alongside our clients in answering needs and accomplishing goals.  From interim CFOs to accounting staff we work as part of our client’s team.  Whether a single project, or a long-term engagement we are at our client’s location maximizing interaction with staff, minimizing communication issues and helping create an effective efficient work environment.  At AC Lordi we work to develop a lasting relationship with our clients.  Not a temp, a part of the team!


There are many circumstances where outsourcing is the best option for a client.  Unexpected situations can arise from many areas and a client needs the support from a trusted partner, a company diverse enough to have highly experienced and motivated staff with deep knowledge across a variety of industries who are ready to hit the ground running.  At AC Lordi we understand that our client’s need to outsource can come at a moment’s notice and we are ready to support that call with experienced staff, exceptional industry knowledge, offices with latest technology and a leadership team that is directly involved from day one. Not a temp, a part of the team!


During any transitional period, leave of absence or period of exceptional growth and expansion clients continue to need leadership and knowledgeable staff that enables the client to receive the very best information and services available in a timely manner.  Sometimes this just can’t be done internally and clients need a trusted external resource to partner with them during these interim periods.  A team that can answer the needs of client without the learning-curve.  Professionals that have already been there and know what is important to the success of the client.  Interim engagements are for as long as necessary for a week to months. Not a temp, a part of the team!


Every client has accounting and financial projects that arise over time.  Most are unexpected and difficult to allocate resources to.  As often as not these are the projects that can be instrumental in the growth or failure of a company.  At AC Lordi we understand the necessity and value of these projects and work with clients to ensure that the have the best information in a timely manner and formatted to maximize its usefulness.  We help ensure projects are complete on-time and with the best information available.  From compliance to M&A we are working within your framework while continually offering suggestions and value-add. Not a temp, a part of the team!