Why I Am AC Lordi: Katie Smart

When I graduated from the University of Scranton four years ago, I entered a world full of potential. I had the freedom to pursue my goals and explore my passions – I could become whatever I envisioned. But with freedom to explore comes the difficulty of forging a new path forward. I knew that I was headed towards a career in the financial field, and I knew that I didn’t want to end up as another cog going in circles in a giant corporate machine. I wanted to challenge myself and solve problems; to be invested in the results I produced and make an impact I could actually see. Read More “Why I Am AC Lordi: Katie Smart” >

Why Sell-Side Due Diligence Is a Smart Move

For many, selling your company will be the most significant transaction you are a part of in your business career. But it’s a complex process that can be fraught with considerable challenges along the way. Today’s business environment brings even more intense scrutiny from potential buyers, and issues that were once considered minor could now delay a deal or even wreck it altogether. In order to maximize value for their business, more sellers are investing in sell-side due diligence before beginning the actual sales process.

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